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Join PEP:mk

Benefits of membership

Membership entitles your school to*:

  • Free training** for school staff

  • CPD opportunities for school staff

  • Opportunities to feedback and shape our CPD programmes so that they meet the training needs of your staff and are current, relevant and effective

  • Discounted prices on paid courses

  • An annual Partnership Meeting

  • The training programme might change depending on the needs of schools and schools requests

  • Booking assistance


*This may be subject to change. / **Additional charges may apply to a limited number of courses and special events.


The training programme may change depending on the needs of schools and school requests.

Membership fees:

The annual subscription fee is £4.50 per pupil (minimum joining fee of £250 per school), based on the most recent PLASC figures. Pupils in Nursery are excluded from the calculation.

The annual subscription for Nursery Schools is flat fee of £250.

You will be invoiced annually in May each year. Membership of the partnership is for three years in the first instance, however a school may choose to join for one year at an additional one-off charge to the annual subscription and must commit to the full year. 

See our terms and conditions for further details.

Non-Partnership Schools can access the CPD programme on a pay-as-you-use basis (usually £60 per session - please see individual courses for further details).

Sign up for membership:

Join PEP:mk today by completing the form below and return it to 

We will contact you to confirm your membership.


We are looking forward to working with you!

Unsure or got a question?

Please contact PEP:mk to discuss your membership.

The Partnership Manager, Victoria Lacy-Wills, would be delighted to meet/phone you and talk you through the options.


T: 01908 669 735 ext 320

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