Training resources from sessions can be found below. Please click on the relevant links to access the information:

Measuring Small Steps Of Progress (2 sessions) - Helen Jones, 13th October & 17 November 2020:

Pre-key stage 1

Pre-key stage 2

DFE SEN Support

IAELD interactive

Improving the achievement of low attaining pupils

Mathematics - Bridging the Gap

PPT session 1

PPT session 2

Pre-requisite skills communication

Provision mapping

Reading - Bridging the Gap

Rochford Review Report

Scerts Introduction

SEN and disability in the EY

SEN TSPC Progression Map

Writing - Bridging the Gap

NQT - Effective teaching of EAL learners in my classroom - Sejal Payne, 14th October 2020

Progression in Language Structures

Directed Activities related to text

Modelling through questioning


Reading for Inference and Deduction

Survival Vocabulary

Teaching Language Functions

Mental Health Policies and Procedures – Where do we start? - Simon Nichols, 14th October 2020


Employers Corona Guide

Implementing Mental Health First Aiders

MHFE England

NICE Workplace Health Management

Staff Survey blank

Staff Survey template

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