PEP:mk Primary Enrichment Partnership

PEP:mk Primary Enrichment Partnership



The Recipe for an Inspirational Lesson - Nick Hearn 20/03/19

Teacher Conference - 21/05/19: 

Karen Wilding - The Maths Sandwich

If Numeracy = 100, what is mathematics? Kate Frood - Headteacher

Kate would be very happy to help by email ( Alternatively, you are welcome to visit her school. Times tables book £12.50 inc PP from

Understanding Autism and Anxieties - 10/06/19

EY/KS1 Online Safety and Digital Citizenship - 10/06/19

Helping Your Class Reach their Full Potential - 19/06/19 Fixed Mindset Cards, Differentiation Strategies, Growth Mindset Cards, Learning Partners Feedback 1, Learning Partners Feedback 2, Learning Partners Feedback 3, Structured Conversations Prompts, Pupil Participation Ideas, VAK Questionnaire, You can be whatever you want to be poem

KS2 Online Safety and Digital Citizenship - 24/06/19