PEP:mk Primary Enrichment Partnership

PEP:mk Primary Enrichment Partnership


Primary Enrichment Partnership: MK

Constitution: 2018/2019


The membership of the group is all schools which currently subscribe to the Partnership.

Purpose and Principles

  • To train student teachers on PGCE and BA(QTS) courses, in partnership with others
  • To develop and offer professional development courses and training to teachers, NQTs and support staff in schools. The programme will be determined annually to meet the priorities of schools in the Partnership. The training will be aimed at teachers and support staff as well as promoting leadership development. The courses will be advertised to schools outside the Partnership at a cost.
  • To enrich teaching and school life through quality CPD.
  • To facilitate and organise Professional Development Groups.
  • To act as an Appropriate Body for schools in partnership with Denbigh Teaching Schools Alliance (DTSA).

The Partnership has grown from the principles that formed the Milton Keynes Education Improvement Partnership and these remain the foundation. The Partnership is inclusive and the diverse mix of schools, resources and strengths provides a strong basis for raising standards across the Partnership as a whole.

The Partnership puts the welfare and development of pupils, staff and families first. It encourages excellence and achievement through the breadth of opportunities available, the quality of learning and teaching across the schools and the motivation that comes from good relationships between the schools, the children and young people and the communities they serve.

The Partnership recognises that successful collaboration begins in a spirit of common resolve and sensitivity to the needs of others and that for a partnership to be successful that spirit needs to be sustained. It also recognises that the sharing of good practice and pooling of resources arising from partnership working will result in a higher level of collective intelligence and improved outcomes.

Leadership and Management

Chair and Vice-Chair

The Partnership will have a Chair and Vice-Chair who will be elected annually each June. The Chair will chair the Steering Group Meetings, with the Vice-Chair doing so if the Chair is absent.

Partnership Group

An annual partnership event will take place in February.

The purpose of the partnership event is:

  • To thank our partnership schools for their continued support
  • To gain schools contributions to next year’s training programme
  • To share our successes from the past year

Steering Group

The Steering Group will have a minimum of 7 members; in order to be quorate 5 of these members must be present. The members will be agreed annually in June. The Steering Group will include the following expertise and experience and more than one facet may be represented by 1 person:

  • A minimum of 5 partner school representatives
  • A representative from schools outside of MK (where possible)
  • St Paul’s Head or representative

Reminder: Steering Group members are to identify a deputy to attend in their absence. If members are unable to attend then it is imperative that they contribute to documents which are sent out prior to the meeting.